School is OUT!

It’s not about writing like they told you to in English class. It isn’t about numbers. Perfection does not exist. Balance is temporary and finicky for a reason: to keep you moving. It isn’t about being like anyone else or beating them. It’s about the moment. It’s about being open to the actual adventure…open to-‘engage in hazardous and exciting activity, especially the exploration of unknown territory.’ Everything I have done is small and fairly insignificant on a large scale. But I can tell you a good story about every town I have been to, about the people I’ve met, the mountains I’ve climbed, the horses I’ve ridden, the crazy jobs I did, and all the times I’ve embarrassed myself. For me, it’s not about quantifying anything or putting a grade or a time limit on things. Life isn’t a race or a test. School is out. Breathe freely and live your fleeting and finite life!

“Some of his classmates mocked him for earning his keep as a janitor, but others were mesmerized by the stories he wrote of his wide-roaming life…” (Haley, pg. 3)

“He quit in a rage and became a hobo, riding the rails and experiencing the penniless subculture of vagrancy. To his surprise he met brilliantly read men among the tramps…” (Haley, pg. 2)

-Wolf, The Lives of Jack London by James L. Haley-


South Park, CO


South Park, CO


Buena Vista, CO


Buena Vista, CO


Don’t know his name, but he was nice, and he let me take his picture






Summit of Huron June 9, 2016


Getting up to no good @ 14,000ft!



I thought, I’ll just stretch my legs today and take it easy…but ended up feeling good and climbing to the top of Quail Mountain…in my bball shoes…totally unintentionally.


Quail Mountain summit (13er)


For being such an easy peak, Huron sure has good views!


Last year at this spot, as I was descending, I told these poor old ladies they had another mile to climb and another 1,000 vert ft. but really they had only a few switchbacks left.


Just out of the trees on Huron


Sunrise on the Decalibron Loop with my new ice axe šŸ™‚



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