1. remain in the same place.

“you stay here and I’ll be back soon”

2. remain in a specified state or position.

“her ability to stay calm”

synonyms: remain (behind), stay behind, stay put;

Stay…a concept I am unfamiliar with, something my dog does better than I do.  “Stay!  Stay there buddy!  You’re alright, I’ll be right back!”  That’s what I told Prince as I made my way to the summit of Wilson Peak.  He had made it all the way to the false summit, where the hiking becomes Class 3.  I thought he would be able to do it, and maybe if I had pushed him and pulled him and carried him a little farther…he could’ve done it.  But he was shaking and scared and I figured “I’m almost there, I can just scramble up there to the summit really quick, and I’ll be back to help him get down in no time!”  So, that’s what I did.  Every few steps I’d look back and yell, “Stay!”  I didn’t spend more than five minutes at the top of Wilson Peak; I took a few pictures, did my best to soak it in, and then headed back to Prince!

He remained cliffside, cold and scared… but his loyalty, his intelligence, and his bravery all made me feel so proud!  “What a good boyyyy!  I love you SO much buddy!”  I was happy to be back next to him, happy I was able to protect and support him as returned to the Rock of Ages Saddle.  I had to pick him up and help him in a few spots. His body was awkward, shakey, and stiff…he was trying so hard to be brave…but he was still frozen with fear.  Once we made it back to the easy hiking and Prince had some time to get his sea legs back under him, he reverted back to his old happy-spry self.  Our timing for the hike that day was perfect.  We had just enough light to get the difficult climbing done safely, and then once we were back at the saddle the sun began to set.  Oh, and was it ever a beautiful sunset!  I thought, “I didn’t die today, and yet, I still got to go to Heaven!”  It literally felt like I was in Heaven, or what I imagine it must be like.  The peaks and clouds that surrounded me caught every angle of light, shadows, and saturated rainbow hues.  My world was a funhouse of colors and shapes: pinks, blues, oranges, yellows, triangles, circles, ovals, spikes.  It sure was something!  Something I almost felt unworthy of witnessing.  Who was I to deserve so much beauty!?  Maybe I didn’t deserve it, maybe it was all for Prince!  He certainly deserved a reward for everything he has brought into my life.  I love him so much!  He’s my best pal in the world!

Once the sun finally set, we made our descent down the mountain.  I called my sister when I was a few miles from my car; I hadn’t talked to her, in what felt like forever.  She asked me how things were going in Lake City and if I was happy.  We talked about nonsensical things and important things alike, it didn’t matter what we talked about…I was just happy we were talking…keeping in touch!  We talked about me staying in Lake City, and if I was going to STAY long term.

Stay, stay, stay, stay?  Can I stay?  Will I stay?  I feel so excited and happy and lucky to be here.  I have such a great deal, the people are some of the best I’ve ever met, and that’s the truth!  No embellishment!  It all comes down to me!  It comes down to me facing the flaws in my character, the unsettled feeling I get in my stomach when I get too close to people, the urge I get to run and flee.  I have to face it!  I want to face it!  I want to stay!


On the way up to Wilson Peak












Not the best picture…but this is where Prince made it to…and then got scared


Can you spot Prince?


Poor Prince…he tried so hard!










Who better to enjoy a beautiful sunset with than my BEST FRIEND!?


Prince’s Dreamland

What I’m listening to:


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