The Golden Blonde Salamander

A letter from home:

The colors are so vibrant with your new camera.  The leaves are beautiful, intense, radiant.  Prince looks pretty handsome too.  Is he being under control?  Do you have a leash, rope, or bailing twine?  I logged into your blog just to see if you had a new entry up yet before I emailed you.  Imagine my surprise when I found that it was about me, ALL about me and our relationship.  Oh how I love you!  Last night I dreamed about letting a fat (meaning well fed and healthy) little salamander go. She was a pretty golden blonde color. I released her in Mom’s back yard along the fence line.  There was a little ditch full of water, and I let her go.  She happily swam down to the bottom and looked up at me.  Then she got cold, so I took her out and tried to warm her in the sun and put her next to a cat for body heat.  Next she jumped down and started digging in the dirt.  A big fat “tomato worm” type worm appeared and lay wriggling in the dirt.  She started snapping at it and I knew her belly would soon be full of nutritious and delicious worm.  It was then that I sadly left her, knowing she was set free, on her own, make it or break it time.  I was sad.  I knew I might catch a glimpse of her from time to time if I was lucky.  But she was truly on her own now, no looking back, no good byes, no regrets, she was on her own path now, on to her own adventures in her own life, sink or swim, do or die.  I woke up sad and realized that the little golden salamander girl was how I feel about you.  With that golden happy-sad fall in the air feel, that feeling when trusted pony hooves crunch underneath as they skim over the browning leaves and the last vestiges of summer grasses.  Fall is upon us and winter around the corner – like it or not. There is no stopping time, no turning back to the days of pony rides under hot blue skies, and fabulous lessons as Molly skims over the rails never touching a single one, and trailer rides, and sleepy girls in trucks with dust and manure caked on the soles of their boots.  I’m letting you go, my little golden salamander girl.  I hope I still catch glimpses of you from time to time, like seeing my skunkey boy sneaking dog food from the pan out back on the porch at 2 in the morning.  It somehow feels like this is the real turning point for you, your “off into the world” adventure unfolding beneath your feet.  And I stand here…. and I stand here…watching you get smaller and smaller in the distance…while at the same time you grow bigger and bigger in my heart and in your own brand of folklore spread out upon the pages of your magnificent blog that I read over and over every day – savoring your adventures, savoring your words, savoring your true and independent talent.  I will miss you my little one.  I write this with enormous lumps in my throat and tears streaming down my face.  Be sure to wear your coat of many colors for warmth and comfort…and remember, Mama loves you and I am always here.

And now…and explosion of pictures…both old and new… 🙂  Thanks again for the camera MA!


basement art project when my brother and sister-in-law were kind enough to give me a home

Breaking wild things!

Wild Horses, Wild Adventures, and Wild Hair (when I decided to dye my hair cherry red)


Unsinkable Molly-a great day, a great show, best pony in the UNIVERSE


Wild Cowgirl Adventures…Photo Credit: Charlie Brooks


The day I taught Luna to jump


Cinco de Mayo…Photo Credit: Linda Seeds


Mustang Adventures…Photo Credit: Roughstock Photography

Nikon Camera Adventures and Experiments:


Prince living it up in Lake City






Independence Gulch excursion




Happy sunshine




Jesse James watch Ma got me!










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