Sewing Every Piece with Love

Dear Ma!

I love you!  Thank you so much for everything you have done, and continue to do, for me!  You always say, “I know I’m not a perfect mom, I wish I could’ve done things differently sometimes.”  All I can tell you is that I am so happy and grateful for: every hiccup in the road, every unconventional pet, every riding lesson, every sport you encouraged me to play, every hug I pretended not to want, every time you ditched school with me, every restaurant adventure, every midnight to sunrise conversation, every letter and email exchanged, each time you made me laugh, each time you helped me stop crying, for teaching me how to drive a stick shift, for the best truck in the world…and for letting me paint it bright blue, for Molly (the most magic pony in the universe), for not judging me when I did unbelievably stupid things, for supporting each and every passion I ever had.  Maybe you’re not the perfect mom by conventional standards…but you’re my perfect mom…by my standards!!!!!!!!!!

Things that make me think of you:

Cookie dough ice cream, tomato soup colored shirts, restaurant coffee warm-ups late at night, Apricot Brandi, The Loop, Mark Twain,, auto traders, 90’s Dodge trucks, paddock boots, fan rakes, corn nuts, flat sodas, Cat Stevens, Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors, dry oatmeal, burned pork chops, sugar cookies with no sugar (because of Al), bikes with flat tires, skunks, baby bunnies, ladybugs, funny colored jeans, trident gum, bright-eyed ponies, electric fences, wire cutters, hairdryers, foxes, dangly earrings, the smell of a freshly opened can of house paint…and so many-many more things that I am too braindead to type out right now.  But Ma, just know that I am so happy that you’re the one I got!

Here are the very first pictures I took with the camera you got me!  (I’m still figuring things out…mostly I just took pictures of leaves and Prince…but it’s a start)  LOVE YOU!


Bench at the hostel 🙂










048 012










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