Magic in the Air

Lush saturated greens fade to a neon yellow, with splashes of turquoise and surprise blotches of ebony.  The air, even at lower elevations, begins to whisper a chilling secret.  The sun sleeps in and seems to be much more at ease than he was just a few months ago.  He is calm and gentle now; a true pleasure to be around, so much so that on the days when he doesn’t come out he is greatly missed.  Children laugh more genuinely and smile brighter during the afternoons, once they are free from the confines of school houses.  Weekends are more memorable and steaming morning cups of coffee taste rich with honesty.  Sparkling-glowing-rainbow magic cascades throughout the air as the final days of summer transition into fall.

Magic!  There was magic in every breath I took yesterday as I climbed Pikes Peak for the second time, this time from the Crags…and this time with Minnesota.  We slept in, but it didn’t matter because the whole day was bright and sunny and clear.  Minnesota and I were both in splendid moods, a certain tranquility blanketed our minds.  Every inch of the 14 miles we hiked was light and compassionate and fair.  The sun kissed our cheeks with the sweetest and purest of intentions, the wind gave us friendly hugs from time to time, and the rocks clanked and crunched under our feet to provide a unique symphony of subtle natural sounds.  It wasn’t a day or a hike to be recounted with drab dry statistical information regarding: elevation gain, miles traveled per hour, ounces of water consumed, etc.  It was simply a day of pure happy-joyful-magic!

And now, something new lies ahead of me, in the same way fall lies ahead of these final days of summer.  A new adventure!  But, perhaps, elaboration should wait…as I have much to do, and very little time to waste.





Minnesota-walking on sunshine 🙂


Magic little girl I found along the trail.






Boots at the summit



Sparky at the summit of Pikes Peak


Packing…kind of…for the next adventure!


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