House of Firsts

First Birthdays

First smiles

First laughs

First Christmases

First rides on ponies named Teddy and Apple

First riding boots

First horse shows

First pet kitten

First crush

First words

First cuss words

First teeth

First dress

First broken bone

First haircut

First penny swallowed

First, first, so many firsts

But that Place is so different now, and so am I.  When we met up the other day, we were like two old friends who drifted apart.  We hardly recognized each other.  We were cordial, we attempted to reminisce, but mostly…we made small talk.  When we parted ways we both felt a small pit in our stomachs. Our eyes became slightly misty, but not enough to form even one single tear between the two of us.  We would miss each other…but we knew we wouldn’t keep in touch.  I said my last goodbye to the house of Firsts.






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