Dusty Love

Chew and booze.  Physics.  Dogs and cows.  Good stories.  Chickens.  Kittens.  Old trucks.  Small airplanes.  Banjos and bluegrass.  Aunt and Uncle.  Sue Ellen and Thad. Family!  Love!

Love.  A word she rarely said.

 Love.  A thing she was afraid to feel.

 Love.  She had become withdrawn.

 Love.  Hidden in a pile of dust and dead-dry moths.

Love.  She went for a long-long walk.

Love.  She slept in the dirt.

Love.  She traced her roots.

Love. She grabbed a clean, new, white rag.

Love.  She dusted it off and there it was, still waiting.

Love.  Something she began to feel again.

Love.  Dusty love.

Love.  For family, love for friends, love for animals, love for life.  Love.


Uncle Thad


Light reading 😉 Sue Ellen and Thad’s books



Leo Englert’s Brand from the 1920’s


Guitar and banjo playing with Sue and Thad…my voice didn’t shake once! I felt brave and comfortable! Where was that girl 2 days ago? Oh well!



Gone Fishing, Thad’s work station in the bunkhouse

Letter from a loyal friend:

I have been following your blog religiously since you shared it with me some time ago.  Today’s post about Lake City is powerful and expressive.  I am unable to put into words how incredibly moving your journey is to an outsider like me.  You are doing amazing things and making profound discoveries about yourself.
I remember Mike always telling me that I should write.  I never felt I had a story to tell nor did I possess the talent to tell it.  How proud he would be to know that his urging of someone to write would come to life through his daughter.  You truly have a story and your skills to tell it are amazing.
What a life you are living!  You are smart, brave, talented, strong, beautiful inside and out.  I’m proud to know you.
And the story about the bears?  That’s one to share for sure.  And one that will never be forgotten. I’m so glad I got to read it from you in the first person, and not from some newspaper account about an intrepid hiker who was mauled by mama bear and her cubs.  That just goes to show you what a presence you have.  If an old guy in a Jeep with a gun is scared and considers the bears not easily deterred, then what does that say about you?  A few slaps with the hand and commands by your voice set them on their way definitely speaks volumes about your personal strength.  All those years of commanding horses has paid off for sure.

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