Angels Flying Over Holy Cross at the Stroke of Noon

“I wish you were down here,

with me,

I wish you were with me.

Oh don’t ask why

pretty things need to fly,

aeroplanes and butterflies,

soft skin for soft sweet lies.


I’ll see you in the sky.”

-The Angelcy-

The clock’s face smiled at the stroke of noon when the Angels flew over Holy Cross. Two girls were making their descent down the mountain when they heard a sound that was entirely foreign to them. It was the wind, but it wasn’t any ordinary wind. This wind ripped through sharp rocks and sounded like a one-thousand foot piece of paper was being shredded into a million tiny shards of glowing-rainbow-colored confetti. This extraordinary gust brushed across the girls’ exposed faces like the feathers of a dove. It blew deep into their souls, so profoundly that all things dark and melancholy within them skattered away in a twisting cowardly dirtdevil. The source of this miraculous event was unseen, it didn’t ask for attention, but the two girls felt (with absolute certainty) the presence of something far greater than them. In that moment they were forever changed, transformed by the healing wings of the Angels that fly over Holy Cross.





My Minnesota Partner in Crime 😉





Sparky at the summit of Holy Cross




4 thoughts on “Angels Flying Over Holy Cross at the Stroke of Noon

  1. Hey you! My phone broke, so they’re sending me another one to Buena Vista. As soon as I can I’ll text you about Friday. My plan is to get there late, plus there’s no camping inside the place (buuuut I kinda found a loop hole, and if you go in too early the park makes you pay an entrance fee!


    • Ok, sorry about your phone! What Peaks were you wanting to do? What’s our plan for meeting etc? I’ll be honest that I probably won’t be the best partner for anything high class…but Castle and Conundrum look alright…there’s a traverse we could do: 14.5 mi of Class 2 hiking. Looks like a long ass day, kinda like our Harvard-Columbia day…maybe harder? There’s a lot of peaks to do near Lake City, not to change your plans. I know you were wanting to get the higher classes out of the way before the weather gets bad…I’m just not experienced enough to feel like a good partner on those peaks. Anyway, text me/call me for sure when you get your phone and we’ll figure it out.


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