These are just a few of my favorite things:

“Roses are red and violets are purple
Sugar is sweet and so is maple surple”

“I’m funny, but looks ain’t everything”

Roger Miller’s voice, my hiking boots, my FNF hoodie, my sleeping bag, Nissey Nasty (my car), my camelbak, my pack, making up songs, daydreams, cashews and banana chips, Prince (my dog…not the singer), my pony Molly, the friends I make on mountain tops, wildflowers, campfires, tents, bug spray, toilet paper, showers after not showering for a long time, getting dirty again, clean clothes, dirty clothes, maps,, protrails, the sound of walking on a trail alone, sunrises, sunsets, ladybugs at 14,000ft, my lungs, dribbling a basketball, feeling strong, Last Kiss (the song), playing guitar, anything that makes me laugh, being alone, having good company, pictures, the hot waiter in Leadville, good roads, good books, Shakey Graves, Johnny Flynn, mix cd’s, Elvis, butterflies, kind strangers, crazy stories, bad jokes, good memories, happy surprises, Point Break, writing, candles, clear night skies, the moon, clean water, the smell of rain, many many more things…and the very best of my favorite things: my family and my friends! I love you! Thank you for being so good to me!

Bagged Huron with my big sister yesterday, camped in her giant tent, visited grandmother, tomorrow…skydiving!  Very grateful!

My sister, grandmother, me

My sister, grandmother, me

Huron with my sister :)

Huron with my sister 🙂


View from Huron

View from Huron

Looking back on the descent

Looking back on the descent and into the sun



Sarah! Hanging out on Huron.

The most beautiful wildflower of them all: my sister!

Favorite hoodie...favorite elevation...summit of Huron

Favorite elevation: 14,000+ ft


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