But the Lord can’t take me and the Devil won’t have me


Being (or at least attempting to be) all good or all bad is obviously an unbalanced approach to life.  I think a lot of people who end up on a negative path, start out trying to be perfect and “good.”  When the pressure gets to be too much or challenges pop up left and right, the best option seems to be to flick the angel off of our right shoulder and go with the devil.  There is a saying that when things don’t go right…go left, but balance in life is all about having an all inclusive view of the world.  Why do we tell ourselves that we can only do or be one thing or another?  When we limit ourselves to succeeding or failing then when we don’t succeed our only option is to fail.  An open mind and heart to all aspects of life allows us to choose from many paths when the one we are on gets blocked off.  Food, for example, is not only tasted…but it is also: smelled, seen, heard, and felt.  My goal is to live life using all senses, with an evolving balance between them.  I wish to let all parts of myself shake hands and serve their purposes when called upon.  Some people feel that changing principles throughout life is hypocritical, but I think we have to evolve throughout life or else we are stagnant.  Speak of what you believe today, but don’t let your ego prevent you from changing your view after tomorrow reveals new information.  “Make your own Bible” as Mr. Emerson said.  The biggest thing I’m learning is that I don’t have to be one thing or another, I just have to be who I am today; and if that changes tomorrow then I am going to be true to who I am tomorrow.

Confuse all good things, frustrate all bad things, and accept all parts of yourself as being purposeful.  Forget the righteous path and the menacing outskirts.  Don’t flourish or fall, don’t sink or swim…I say walk on water, swim on land, jump on clouds, and cool yourself with fire.  Do things he way that keeps you balanced, the way that works for you.  Don’t conform to the ways you “should be” because you’ll limit yourself.  Innovate and explore as you approach your life!


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